Friday, July 8, 2011


I want to be a blogger.  That is, I want to actually update this blog on the regular.  I'm such a procrastinator.  I had this list of things I was going to do this summer--not the fun "vacation" type things, but things around the house that a responsible person who has nothing else to do should be completing.  On that list--hang all my framed pictures and put the bout posters around the house.  Also, spray the backyard with weed killer. on the regular.  None of that has happened yet.  Though I did do laundry yesterday (party, bonus!).
Also, I feel I've limited myself in content somewhat, by choosing the name Misadventures of an English Teacher for my blog.  I feel like all I should do is talk about teaching, when in reality, all I do talk about is derby.  I should change the name to Misadventures of an Ass Kicking, Booty Blocking English Teacher.  At any rate, summer is flying by.  I have less than a month left of summer.  I'm sure to anyone who is not in education this sounds pathetic and cry-baby.  Waahhh I have all summer off while everyone else works all year round, but the difference between teachers and most people is that their average work week is somewhere around 70 hours.  Sometimes more. And for 10 months, I don't really have a real weekend.  So, I feel summers are well-deserved and I'm bummed that mine is half over.
I'm so looking forward to RollerCon though.  However, RollerCon means summer is over because the Friday after I return from Vegas, I have to report to school.  Ick.  I wish I could win the lottery and stay home and do nothing but skate and blog :)