Thursday, August 22, 2013

New/old school year

The new school year started.  I am teaching all new things, but 75% of my students are the same, so I don't really have the feeling of having had a summer off.  I feel like, didn't I just see you yesterday? I am teaching Leadership again (which is awesome), 8th grade Honors English, 8th grade AVID, 7th grade AVID (AVID is a class for kids who have potential, but are kind of middle of the road achievers and will be the first in their families to go to college.  They (ideally) start taking it in middle school and continue taking it every year through high school.  They learn organization and study skills, go on college tours, get help applying for scholarships, applying for college, and filling out the FAFSA, etc), and regular 8th grade English.  It's been overwhelming having 5 different classes.  I like to think my Honors and regular 8th grade classes will do the same things, but they won't.  The honors class is only 1 period, while the 8th grade class is 2.  I love my kids though.  They're great.  The 7th grade AVID class is driving me mad though.  There are some kids who really should not be in that class.

Enough boring stuff.  Here are a few "Sh!t my students say" from the last two weeks.

---"Ms. T, I really like my AVID shirt, but when I looked at myself in the mirror, it said DIVA, and that was weird." (from a boy).

---Listening to hip-hop at the end of class, while the 8th grade girls were at a Girls Inc presentation...
Student 1 (dancing): This is how I be like at the club.
Me: What club? You're 12.
Student 2: The Mickey Mouse Club!

---Me: Okay, put away your flashcards.  I'm going to hand out the quiz.
Male Student: One minute! I need to get 10 hugs!