Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break

I had so many plans for Spring Break.  I was going to o into my classroom and CLEAN it.  I was going to organize all of those leftover handouts from lessons long ago into organized binders.  I was going to plan out at least the first part of the quarter.  I was going to go back to Zumba.  I was going to skate the rec trail at least 5 days a week.  I was going to sit by the ocean and soak it up.

Instead, I am laid up in bed with a broken ankle.  I broke my ankle at practice on Wednesday, March 9th, just ONE HOUR after Rack broke and dislocated her ankle and was taken away via ambulance.  We were scrimmaging; I went in for a good hit, knocked myself off balance, and came down on it wrong.  It was the worst pain I'd ever experienced.  One of the girls in my league is a firefighter and an EMT (see: NOT a doctor or a paramedic) and she assured me it wasn't broken.  I should have realized she wasn't qualified to tell me whether or not it was broken and gone with my gut instinct, which was that it was broken and I should have gone to the ER.  But I wanted to believe her (and I know she was just trying to help!) because a sprained ankle heals much more quickly than a broken ankle.

So, instead, I went home and spent the rest of the night in pain.  After Beans got home from work on Thursday, she took me to Urgent Care, where I was x-rayed and found that my ankle was, indeed, broken.  They gave me a gel brace, some crutches, and a list of orthopedists to call.  I went to work on Friday which sucked.  I made an appointment with the orthopedist that Monday.  He then told me I was going to need surgery.  My mom came up Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, I had surgery.  They put in a plate and 4 screws.

My mom left today and I've felt very sad and lonely without her.  It's funny, I was so looking forward to Spring Break, to being able to lay in bed and do nothing, and now that I can, I'm terribly lonely.  The difference though, is that before I broke my ankle, it was a choice to lay in bed and do nothing, and now I basically have no other option.

My friends and derby sisters have been great.  I am so thankful to have them, but it's not the same as having your mommy there. 

This weekend, our travel team, The Beasts of Eden, have our first away game ever.  I'm extremely bummed about not playing in the game, but I am excited to be the bench coach.  I only got to play one game this season, and now I'm out for 12 weeks.  I really, really hope that I will be able to at least play in one more game before the season ends.

I am not looking forward to going back to work on crutches. Crutches are whack.  But I am not going to let this injury take me out of derby.  I will heal and I'll be back on skates again in no time!

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