Thursday, September 19, 2013

On redecorating

Thought it might be fun to do a little classroom tour! I wish I had really taken before pictures of my classroom.  I spent all summer painting it. Here are a couple of "before" pictures.

My desk area

Can you see that disgusting teal color and the dingy color of the walls and door? 


Grey and yellow.  So much more soothing.  I wish I could get rid of those hideous shades that can be pulled across the top windows. 

 Of course it's not this neat anymore.  This was before 200+ teenagers graced my classroom with their presence every day.
 God, those shades are so ugly.

Aaaaaaand a great shot of today's Exit Ticket board (I got your engagement strategies right here, mister).
Direct or Indirect Characterization?


Lou Kelly said...

I can't believe no-one has commented on this yet, after all your hard work in painting the room. I love the grey and yellow combo, though I must say, the view out of the door/window towards the back looks fabulous- pity you don't have that all the way across that wall.

I'm jealous you have so much room in your classroom. I have up to 30 students in my room but only enough seats for 20 and no room for more chairs. Thus, we put all the chairs close together so students can share, three students per two chairs. I do have really comfy teacher's lounge chairs though and one row of stools with tables, so that's the compromise. The lounge chairs don't have tables but we rarely do written work. I also have carpet and nice views so that's good too. I can't say I'd like having the sort of desk/chairs you have. I think my room is much better for rearranging even though there's so little space.

I really don't have the resources (including time or $) to paint my walls but have found some cheap colourful wrapping paper that I'm starting to put up to brighten up cupboards and my desk. Hopefully it won't rip easily or look too crinkled by the time I finish.

I'm a high school (that's years 7-12 in Australia) music teacher so I make use of outdoor space for the kids to practise in groups. Once they 'get' the rules for working in groups outside, this works really well when the weather is warm enough, which is most of the time, thankfully.

I hang my set of ukuleles and other instruments high up on the walls. I'm in the midst of pimping my ukes so won't post pics until they are all done. (Will post on my Pinterest 'educate-music' page eventually. Feel free to find me there: )

cheerio, Lou

The Adventures of Kevin and Julie said...

I love the colors!! It is very calming! It is so hard to find secondary classroom decor. Thank you for posting!

Jill Backlund said...

Looks great!! I'm going to use your frame as whiteboard idea to rotate all the quotes that I want to make into posters!

Kr!st!n said...

Gosh, I just saw all of these! Thank you for your comments! It was a lot of hard work, but it paid off. My room is very calming. This year, I did something new with my desks. I'll post pictures soon. I had to find a way to get all 38 of my desks to fit and still be able to walk through my room. I finally found a solution that works for me!