Monday, June 23, 2014


Over Spring Break, I went to Washington DC for 4 days and NYC for about a day and a half with 16 eighth graders from my school, and 22 eighth graders from two other local middle schools.  We were up before 6am every day, and did not return to the hotel until about 9:30 each night.  To say we were exhausted at the end of each day is an understatement.  But, we saw amazing things, had a lot of fun, (some) experienced snow for the first time, and we walked a total of 42.42 miles in total.  I live tweeted the experience, which you can see below!.  It was strong in the beginning, but then in the middle I had no time, and then at the end I tweeted more.  You can clearly see as we were getting closer to leaving, I was getting annoyed with things that were not annoying me in the beginning of the trip haha. All in all, it was something I'll never forget.  I am so glad I was afforded the opportunity to go and it was great to be able to bond even more with some of my incredible students.

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