Friday, February 10, 2012


We all have those students we want to take under our wings, for various reasons.  There are the ones we want to save, the ones we want to inspire, or the ones who remind us so much of our former selves.  I have a student named Brianna who is reminds me a lot of myself in college (when I was in my punk rock stage), but she's 13.  She's got dyed black hair and is a bit of a punk and she is obsessed with the band Falling In Reverse.  She's super smart, but doesn't apply herself, and I don't really think the other kids her age "get" her.  We don't have punk rock kids at our school.

Last year, I had a student who no one really "got" except me.  She was kinda indie/punk.  Super adorable.  Great taste in music.  She didn't really have people who accepted her on campus.  She had friends, but they weren't like her.  A lot of girls didn't like her because they didn't understand what she was about and thought she was pretentious, so they were always trying to start shit with her.  She ended up changing schools and finally found a place where she felt accepted.  Thank goodness, because she's such a special person.

Anyway, back to Brianna.  The other kids don't really understand her obsession with this band.  They all listen to LMFAO and David Guetta and Bruno Mars.  They know nothing of rock music, especially punk, pop-punk, or scream-o.  Brianna was so excited a couple weeks ago because her mom bought her tickets to go see Falling In Reverse in concert.  Brianna has been failing my class (and many others) all year.  Brianna's mom came to conferences last week and found out how her daughter has been performing in school and Brianna told me today that her mom is no longer taking her to see Falling in Reverse.  My heart broke for her.  I totally understand why her mom took the concert away from her.  Props to her mom for stepping in to make sure her daughter gets back on the right path with her education, but man.  Music has always been one of the most important things in my life and I so know how important it is to Brianna.  I wish I could take Brianna to the show myself.  I wish I could talk her mom into taking her.  Because this show is not just a fun night.  This show is EVERYTHING to a 13 year old girl who does nothing but write about/think about/daydream about this band.  And it's not just a show.  She'll be around people who understand what she's about.  For once, she'll be around people just like her.  For once, she'll have a place to belong.

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