Sunday, June 27, 2010

I wish they all could be California girls...

Teachers will tell you time and time again that they didn't become a teacher for the summers off--myself included.  I work 70 hours a week (on average).  I get to school an hour early, don't usually leave until 5-6 in the evening, and usually work an entire weekend day on lesson plans and grading--and for those of you not in the know, teachers don't get paid overtime for work they take home or do after school.  I earn those summers off.  That being said, I'll now say this: summer rules.

Today, Racky and I went on a 7 mile skate in the awesome Monterey sunshine.  It isn't hot very often here.  Even if the sun does come out, it hardly breaks 65 degrees at any point in the year.  It felt so great to be enjoying the sun, skating parallel to the ocean, barking back at the gagillion sea lions who have been gathering on the sand to sun themselves. We didn't even mind the extra people on the rec trail today--weaving in and out of them was just a bonus challenge.

After our skate, we had a yummy lunch at Islands and then were a bit disappointed when the wind kicked up.  Instead of battling traffic and crowds to get to the beach, we went back to Racky's, laid out beach towels, stripped down to our underwear, turned on the oldies, and laid out on her deck.  No wind, just the hot sun.  Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.  This really is the most beautiful peninsula.

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