Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to wear?

I've changed my outfit for practice three times.  I ended up with what I originally started out with.  I didn't want to get too hot by having thick thigh-high socks over knee-length leggings, so I went back to put some tights on and then realized I would have no time to change between practice and running over to the theater to get in line for Eclipse.  I will run into numerous students (and probably some of their parents) at the theater so I didn't want to wear anything too outrageous or suggestive (booty shorts and flesh-colored tights were both out of the question, obviously).  It it certain I'll see at least a couple as they are holding my place in line :)

So, I went with this outfit.  I'm crouched in derby position even! (Really, I had to do that so I would fit my whole self into the shot--my webcam doesn't have a timer so I had to be within arm's reach of the keyboard). I'm excited to wear my new tank top.  It looks awesome!  Thanks to Hue Refner of SCDG for the awesome lettering!

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