Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On doing good

"Nu-uh, superman does good. You doin' well. You gotta learn your grammar, son." -Tracy Morgan (30 Rock)

But I mean it in the superman sense. My leadership class is doing good. We are doing good things for others. They have requested their own chart for the Awesome Year Project. In addition, I knew I needed to find things for us to do when there wasn't anything to do (no events to plan on campus). So, I turned to DoSomething.org. They have a bunch of great projects that individuals can do. It's geared toward young people (middle school - college) because with each project they complete, they are entered to win a $4,000 scholarship (they have to create an account for that. It's free). This week, we made birthday cards for homeless youth. 
I'm excited about all of the good we are doing. And I think my kids are too. 

Also, here's an update in our #avidawesomeyear project 

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