Thursday, October 3, 2013

On Teamwork

Last night, we had a team dinner for my home team, the Babes of Wrath.  We've recently had quite a few changes to our roster, so it was nice to get everyone together and hang out.  Our captain ran us through a couple of party mixer type games.  One of them happened to be called "Protect Your Egg."  In a nutshell: teams get a bag full of random supplies (each bag contains the same supplies) and using only those supplies, you must construct something that will keep an egg from breaking when it is dropped onto your construction from atop a ladder (approximately 15 feet).  In our bag we had: 3 clothespins, a napkin, a small snack bag, two zip ties, a wooden skewer, a paper straw, 3 candy corn, a couple of zip ties, a piece of parchment, a glue stick, a piece of a plastic bottle, and a piece of masking tape (perhaps there was more, I'm not sure).  My awesome team won.  Check the photos below.

It wasn't 5 minutes into construction with my team that I knew this would be a great team work project for my AVID classes.  So, I pulled it together and we did it today.  Here are some great photos from today.
What's In The Bag?
Tongue depressor, business card, piece of string, binder clip, 1 piece of printer paper, 1 napkin, a lifesaver, a twist tie, a toothpick, a bendy straw, a sandwich bag, a piece of masking tape, a paperclip, a Q-tip

8th Graders

7th Grade


Watching the kids do this was so much fun.  It was cool to see the very different ideas they all came up with.  Some of them came up with things that my team didn't think of last night and made me feel really stupid.  (Why didn't we blow the bag up like a balloon for cushioning???). 1 more day until we get a (VERY WELL DESERVED) week off for Fall Break.  I can't wait to visit my nephew!  I'm also going to see Lesley for the first time since she moved.  Bring it on, Fall!

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