Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On Recharging your batteries

We are on Fall Break this week and it has been so nice to just recharge my batteries. I drove down to Huntington Beach to visit Lesley and since her husband was working that night and her mother-in-law was watching her kids, we had a real girls' night. Well, the way WE do girls' night, which involved dinner out (during which we did nothing but over-analyze Sons of Anarchy), and then drinking and watching funny YouTube videos and old episodes of Sons of Anarchy. We got up and were at Zumba by 9 am. Her hubby and kids came home and we all went to brunch. It was so wonderful to see her and the rest of their family. I love them and have missed them so much. 
   The rest of my time has been spent obsessing over my adorable nephew. 

I drive back tomorrow, just in time for practice. We have an away game in Fresno this weekend, so I'll have to get the rest of my rest (ha!) in before Saturday. 

Really high up on my list of things to do is is clean my room and donate old shoes and clothes. 

I've been checking my EdModo site periodically and am so proud that my AVID kids continue to post the #avidawesome year things they are doing. 

This break will have gone by too fast. I need to get organized for 2nd quarter!

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